New Brick Home


One of the greatest needs of our families in Guatemala is a terminate home. The majority of homes in local villages are built from dirt, metal, or plastic. When Clubhouse provides a home it allows the family to actually have a door they can close and a dry place to raise their family. The size of the average family in our areas is 6-8 people We have seen some families as large as 14 that share one room. When you provide a home your are changing the entire family forever. 

When Clubhouse builds a home they do so with the family so the family has equity in the home. The family is responsible for clearing the building site, digging and pouring the footers, and they also help with the team building the home. Clubhouse then sends a team, hires local masons and buys all house building materials within the community. This allows the impact to be much more than for one family. The purchase of a home creates jobs, helps the local economy, and allows the community to see God's love in action. 

Here is a great video that shares the impact a house building project has on everyone involved. 

House Contruction from Clubhouse Ministries on Vimeo.