Christmas Cheer Pack


Bring Christmas cheer to a child this Christmas. Clubhouse shares the love of Christ through the Christmas pack program. We recognize that not everyone has time to go out and shop for a child and then ship it to our Knoxvi...

Family Food Pack


The typical Guatemalan family that Clubhouse works with makes an average of $50 per month. The cost of living in Guatemala is very similar to that of the United States. Meaning that families in Guatemala do without simply ...

Female Spanish Student Bible


This Bible is perfect for our Female students in our Child Development Programs. Each day the program is open, the students are challenged to grow in God's word. If you purchase this Bible for a student we will present it ...

Male Student Bible


This is the perfect gift for our boys and young men that attend our Development Centers. The boys are challenged to grow in their faith and to use God's word to guid their lives. This is a great gift for you to share God's...

New Brick Home


One of the greatest needs of our families in Guatemala is a terminate home. The majority of homes in local villages are built from dirt, metal, or plastic. When Clubhouse provides a home it allows the family to actually ha...

New School Shoes


Give the gift of a new pair of shoes to a child in need. In Guatemala if a child doesn't have shoes or a backpack they can not go to school. A simple purchase of shoes will help insure that a child gets to attend school. T...

Rocket Stove


Clubhouse works with homeowners to attack one the biggest issues for a impoverished family. Clubhouse installs stoves to replace a true open fire that is normally built in the middle of the home. As you can see in the pict...

Tacolution T-Shirt


Purchase a cool shirt supporting our Taco Tuesdays and feed uptown 25 people in need. The proceeds from this shirt will go to help our feeding programs.

Water Filter System


Clubhouse is excited to be able to offer clean water to the families of Guatemala. In Guatemala there is a serious issue with many water born diseases like Cholera, Parasites, many intestinal diseases and viruses. Our filt...