Family Food Pack


The typical Guatemalan family that Clubhouse works with makes an average of $50 per month. The cost of living in Guatemala is very similar to that of the United States. Meaning that families in Guatemala do without simply because they can not afford to buy what they need. Many stagger their meals to make sure they can make it through the next week. A Family food pack is a great way to give a family in Guatemala a helping hand. For $25 you can help feed a family for at least a week depending on the size of the family. 

A Pack includes rice, beans, oil, flour for tortillas, powdered milk, snacks, coffee, eggs, soap, laundry supplies, protein drink for kids, cereal, a basket to use for laundry, and other supplies based on specific needs of each family. Clubhouse communicates with the families before delivering the Food Packs to make sure we are maximizing our opportunity to help.